Crazy Beautiful

Everything You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For.

American Pale Ale
On Tap:
ABV: 5.00%
IBU: 38
SRM: 9 (Pale Amber)


This American Style Pale Ale offers a crisp, citrus finish on top of a solid malt backbone built on rich maris otter malt with a few extra curves for your drafting pleasure.

The Story

Somewhere on the internets, you can find an engineer explaining the “Crazy-Hot Matrix” for determining how to date women. In a nutshell on a horizontal scale of 0 to 10 a fellow can rate a woman based on her general physical attractiveness. Meanwhile on a vertical scale of 4 to 10 he may also rate her on her “sane to crazy” quotient. (Because let’s face it. No woman is less than 4 crazy!) The presentation is really quite humorous and I was discussing it one day with a friend who happened to be dating a Montana celebrity. (Yes, we DO have them!) At any rate I am also friends with this charming woman and she had asked me to make a beer for her sometime. I’d come up with a Pale Ale for her but we’d never quite managed to work out an appropriate name. I asked the fellow dating her how he would rate her on the “Crazy Hot Matrix” and he came up with the PERFECT response. He said, “I would rate her as I rate all women. “Crazy Beautiful.” And the rest, is history. We hope you’ll enjoy this pale ale, it is among our most popular beers. Not only does it provide a great mouthfeel and malt flavor, but Crazy Beautiful also boasts some wonderful cascade citrus hop notes that leave you with both enjoyable flavor and aroma reminders of what we hope will have been a great date.