Beer and History - The Best of Both!

Muddy Creek Brewing in Butte, MT, USA is like coming home...if your home was up some creaky stairs to a huge airy echoing historic loft above an empty street in a once-bustling old mine was. Anyhow, once you make it up the stairs and turn left (a right turn takes you into a wine and martini bar), if you are lucky enough to get Andy as your bartender, you are an immediate regular. Which is a good thing, because the beers here are fantastic, no matter the style or ABV. I had a flight of four of my own choosing (I had limited time and had to drive back to another nearby town for the night) for a paltry fiver, and recall being most impressed by a style I usually avoid: a pumpkin beer! The sweetness was minor, while the fresh-ground spices were forward and the combination was supreme! "Big Johnson" was another great one, out of about 8 or 10 offerings that day. The music made everything especially enjoyable. I was there right after opening - 3PM - but there is a stage over in the corner and Andy said evenings often sported local music. A huge array of numbered mugs on the wall bespoke a large happy regular following - which you could be sure would include me if I lived in Butte. (As an added attraction, if I recall this place is situated close to an old museum - the Dumas - devoted to prostitution in Butte's once-thriving red-light district.) Go to Muddy Creek!!

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