Big Johnson

He's a potent little feller!

ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
On Tap:
ABV: 8.25%
IBU: 25
SRM: 6 (Deep Gold)


Big Johnson is a single malt, single hop beer made with Maris Otter and fleshed out with a donated fresh hop from a local family. We have brewed it both as an ordinary bitter and as an E.S.B. Both beers have been well received and present a great fruity nose and flavor due to the British Ale yeast we use to get things going. You may perceive a touch of apricot in the flavor as well as the aroma from the yeast profile as well as the fresh hops.

The Story

Big Johnson is a once a year rotator. This single malt E.S.B. is made with fresh hops donated by a local family named (you guessed it) the Johnsons! We have a ton of fun with this beer. We have no idea what variety of hops are growing in the Johnsons back yard. We just know when it's a big harvest we get an even Bigger Johnson! If you happen to get a chance to try our Big Johnson, we make no promises about how it may change your life. What we can tell you is that our Big Johnson is pretty smooth and we've been told it goes down easy. Beware though, at 8.25% abv, you may find it's a poor choice to spend an entire evening with our Big Johnson. You may wake up with some regrets in the morning.